Featured CE: The 2017 Jobs Acts and Tax Cuts-New Tax Law

Late in 2017 President Donald Trump signed the new 2017 Jobs Act and Tax Cuts Bill.  This means that starting in 2018 many of the tax rules will be different.  Then in 2019 when the first tax returns are filed with the new laws there surely be many questions from your clients.  This course goes over many of the individual filer common tax issues and how they are influenced by the new tax bill.  Your professor, Arthur Reed, CPA, MBA, MST will go through these changes item by item, explaining how tax filing will change going forward.

This course is a 2 credit hour course in the IRS Federal Tax Category, and is also available for CPE Credit in the Taxes Field of Study.

Course Particulars:

Credit Hours: 2
Level: Basic
Field of Study: Taxes
Requires Prerequisites or Advanced Preparation: No
Delivery Method: Online Video
Instructor:Arthur Reed, MBA, CPA, MST

Upon successful completion of this course participant should be able to be complete the following objectives:

  • Understand the New Terminology Associated with the recently passed new tax package
  • Learn the new tax treatments for Reimbursements, Sale of Principal Residence, Moving Expenses, Alimony and Kiddie Tax
  • Understand the new Tax Brackets
  • Learn the new tax treatment of AMT, Pass Through Tax, Due Diligence, Mandates, Child Tax Credits, Mortgage Interest, Casualty Losses, Miscellaneous 2% Deductions and Pease Limitations