Financial Education

Since 1966 Lambers has offered review courses for CPA Review and more recently Enrolled Agent Review.  Lambers financial courses are taught by professors who have had years of experience teaching and working in their respective fields.  They will teach you what you need to know for the exam as well as give you the first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a financial professional.  Lambers materials are “born in the classroom” which means that they are tailored to what students need to achieve the goal of passing the exam.  When you enroll in a Lambers full course not only will you receive great materials and fantastic instruction, but also years of experience in preparing candidates to reach the pinnacle of their financial careers.

Full Review Courses

Lambers offers online video lessons and test prep software for the Certified Public Accountant and Enrolled Agent certification exams. Our all-in-one “Complete” courses offer the student everything they need to prep for and PASS their exams. Make no mistake, the CPA and EA exams are difficult. That’s why you need expert instructors and rigorous test prep, and that’s what you get with our “Complete” courses. With one purchase you’re given all the tools required to pass your exams and pass them as quickly as possible.

Review Courses (Individual Parts)

If you do not need to take the full course for the CPA or EA credential Lambers offers individual parts in order for you to complete your studies. The individual parts of the Lambers CPA and EA Review Courses come complete with online video lessons, test prep software and online text. As with the full course, the individual sections have the same engaging instructors with thorough supporting materials to get you through those last few sections of the exam. Lambers courses are all designed with one goal in mind, for you to achieve your goal of becoming a certified financial professional. Your success is our success!

EA Review Courses (Individual Parts)

CPA Review Courses (Individual Parts)